Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let March Madness Begin!

I LOVE the month of March for many reasons, but for the Hall household one of the great things about March is the parade of birthdays throughout the month. Our first birthday belongs to "B" who turns 15 TODAY - yay! Last night at her birthday dinner, she got a fortune cookie that said, "Good news is coming your way. It will be here any day." That seems like a great way to start her birthday!
In honor of "Miss B", here are 15 random things about her that always make me smile:
15. She is super creative. When she was little, she could do amazing things with paper, scissors, tape and a stapler! Sometime, I'll post some pictures. :)
14. She has been looking forward to this year since she was in elementary school. The thought of she and "P" being in the same school, driving together and hanging out has been a dream for years.
13. She is a great and extraordinarily loyal friend.
12. She likes everybody in the family to always be happy.
11. She has the most random taste in music - where that came from, I'll never know. But I love that she always wants me to listen to her "favorite" song.
10. She's super athletic and equally competitive. Just try to convince her that she can't do something.
9. She misses her older brothers and talks about them all the time.
8. She won't take a lunch to school unless it has "cute" food in it.
7. She LOVES to sleep!!
6. Her sister is her best friend.
5. She would eat Orange Chicken for every meal for the rest of her life.
4. She measures time according to how many months she has until she can drive and has always been sure that her Dad bought the Mustang just for her.
3. She plans out what she's going to wear before she goes to sleep every night and she can't go to bed until she does.
2. She wants to live in Pennsylvania when she gets older - after she goes to college in Hawaii.
1. She adds a HUGE dose of fun to our family. We would be lost without her!
Happy Birthday to our favorite 15 year old!!

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  1. cute! Happy birthday Bridget!! I think you should DEFINITELY go to college in Hawaii! And I'll have a reason to visit! :]