Monday, August 23, 2010

The Love Birds 4 Month Anniversary

Tomorrow, August 24 is the 4 month anniversary of our family love birds. I put "Forever" by Chris Brown on my playlist especially so that you can play it while you read this and think of these two love birds. For some reason this song reminds me of all the fun they've had in just a few short months and what a kick we get out of the two of them...and I still think that we should have danced to into the Open House to it. Now that would have been memorable! Happy anniversary, "S" and "E". You're off to a great start and we wish you love and happiness throughout the eternities. SURE love you!

Celebrating With My Favorite Guy...

I love you, honey. You're the most amazing guy I know. Thanks for 27 great years.

27 Years And Counting...

Well, at this exact moment in time Mark and I have been married for 27 years!
I woke Mark up with the traditional "Happy Anniversary, honey!" only to hear him reply, "I have the worst migraine in the world." I'm hoping that our 27 years of marital bliss didn't bring it on!
I remember our first few anniversaries and how they always involved dinner out together and a small token to remember the day by. I used to put a lot into the "token", but now somehow these things seem less important to me. Tonight we will celebrate this milestone along with our girlies and undoubtedly we will sit in the restaraunt and talk about all the funny, happy, crazy times that we've experienced a couple and as a family - and that is more wonderful to me than any gift bought in a store.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Fun - Weddings and Reunions

When we decided to spend part of our summer in Utah, we didn't dream that we would be fortunate enough to attend another temple wedding of the infamous "FAB FIVE". Idaho was just a short drive away, so "S", "E", Mark and I jumped in the car and were fortunate enough to attend the wedding of "A" and "S". It was beautiful. Several weeks before, "D" and "A" got married in the Oakland Temple and although we weren't able to attend that, "S" and "E" went and have a lovely time. Three "FAB FIVE" temple weddings this summer. That's something to celebrate about. And those boys have never looked happier....

The Hall Reunion was another contributor to our "summer of fun". It was held at the Heber City Girl's Camp. It was absolutely beautiful. The cabins were great, the activities were amazing, the weather was perfect (we even loved it when it was raining) and it was great fun to catch up with family members. This time around there are two missionaries serving in the field and missing from all the fun - "R" and "B" - and one more waiting in the wings to go (can't wait Miss "M"!!). We love and miss them, but we're so glad they are when they are.
A fun time was had by all and we have many more things to giggle over.

Summer Fun - Part III

One day that was tons of fun involved us crashing the Farmington Youth's Waterskiing trip to Pineview. It was such a beautiful day and while the girls had an amazing time in the water (and checking out adorable boys), Krista and I had an amazing time soaking up some sun. At least Krista helped - I did nothing. But they put up with me anyway. It was a great day. Good company, good fun= great life.

It is a rare luxury for me to hang out with my mom. She is the ultimate go-getter and game for almost anything - including helping at The British Car Show at a local park AND (most importantly) cutting down a "historical" (and dead) branch from her apricot tree. Man, she did NOT want to lose that branch. It's a branch that my sister's and I hung from and sat on all through our childhood. It's featured on a Christmas card. Sometime when I really feel like incriminating myself, maybe I'll post the picture. Anyway, now all that's left of the branch is this great picture of my mom clinging to it. Maybe she'd feel better if I put this on a t-shirt for her. Love you, Mom!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Driving Into The Fun...

Our summer fun continued as we drove to Utah and stayed with Jeff, Krista, the "M" twins and reluctantly returned "Cookie" to her home. Krista made the excellent suggestion that we take "P" (who we picked up from "S" and "E's" on the drive toward Farmington) go visit "M" who is working and going to school at Utah State in Logan; we jumped in the car and took a beautiful drive through Logan Canyon. Happily, "M" had the day off from work so she gave us a tour of campus and then we headed to a yummy diner on Main Street for lunch. By this time, "P" was already sold on the idea of going to school there and when "M" suggested that they could be roomies, that pretty much sealed the deal! It was the perfect girl's day!
Mark, Jeff and "S" had headed out on a fishing trip - I'm sure "S" will detail that in his own blog - and happily we talked "E" into coming up and spending the weekend with "the girls" in Farmington. It was a fun, relaxing weekend and when July 24th rolled around, we piled into the car and drove to what had to be one of the highest streets in the city to watch the fireworks. Looking over the city, I found myself wondering what the pioneers would think of all these amazing lights and this area populated by people who owe them such a debt of gratitude for their sacrifice and dedication. It was a sweet weekend...

Summer Fun...Where Do I Begin?

Our summer was so much fun, but a complete whirlwind! On July 2nd, "S" and "E" drove down with cousin "Cookie" for "P" and "B's" annual dance recital. We had so much fun with them! The girls did an amazing job in their recital and we're already looking forward to seeing their progress in next year's recital. I am especiall excited because both girls will be taking Hip Hop AND Ballet.
We were so happy that "S" and "E" were here for the 4th of July. A few years ago, after we moved into this house, we quit trying to fight the crowds at the park on the 4th and we found we had a KILLER view of the fireworks in the parking lot of one of our local stores. Ta da - a new tradition was born and now we go there every year, see the awesome fireworks and still beat the crowds home.
Several days later, our two Utah kids had to make their way home and they took an excited "P" with them and left "Cookie" to hang with "B" for some summer fun. "P" had the time of her life in Provo and it will no doubt be some of her favorite memories.
As for "Cookie" and "B", they had many beach days and a few excursions throughout San Diego - one to the newly renovated Mormon Battalion - it's beautiful and well worth the trip.
Is this the end of our summer fun? Not even close - in fact, the fun is just beginning. Stay tuned for more summer fun....Hall-a-mania style.