Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ode To My Dryer

Today is your last day in my house....
For many years you were wonderful and dependable and I knew I could always go to you for warmth and comfort.
But then something happened - you began to rebel. Maybe you entered "appliance teen years".
You completely quit drying, you scorched many a piece of clothing (I still owe "S" a new white shirt) and wrinkled everything!
I put up with it until I could take it no more, so now I say "farewell".
I have high hopes that your replacement will be low-maintenance, high-yield and warm and snuggy like you used to be.
Thanks for all the good years. Hasta la vista, baby!!


  1. Shannon, I just have to say how incredibly sweet Sean and Emily's blog is!! I didn't want to comment on it because they don't know me and that could seriously scare them, but is is so cute I had to say something to someone!!

  2. Ahh, thanks Shonda! I know they would think it was so nice that you were checking it out - you really are so sweet. And just for the record, Sean would totally know who you were! :)