Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Sweet 16 to "P"

Well, our own version of March madness has come to an end - the last of our 3 March birthdays was celebrated this weekend and it was a big one. "P" had her 16th birthday and the irony that she went on her first real group date on her birthday was not lost on any of us.
The birthday celebration began on Friday when she got a very sassy new hairstyle thanks to our own amazing personal stylist, Coryne! Saturday morning we opened presents and I'm pretty sure her birthday wish came true. In the afternoon, she and her BFF "R" headed down to the beach where they met up with a group of great kids from the area and spent the day enjoying the California sunshine. You'd think that would have been enough of a celebration, but by the evening they were ready to get their groove thing on and boogie the night away so they went to the Stake Dance where the DJ gave her a "Happy Birthday" greeting over the intercom. It sounds like her sixteenth year is off to a great start!
I have to finish by listing 16 of my favorite things about her:
16. She loves to watch The Gilmore Girls every day
15. Her enthusiasm is catching
14. She adores her big brothers and misses them to death
13. She is a GREAT teenager: when she was about 12, she started coming into my room every night and say "Just making sure that you and I are okay"
12. She has an amazing voice we all love to hear her sing
11. She is an extremely loyal friend
10. She has always been kind to her little sister
9. She works harder than almost anybody I know to achieve her goals
8. She is one of the kindest people I know
7. She isn't afraid to laugh at herself
6. She borrows my makeup and usually asks me afterward
5. She heard the Taylor Swift song ("The Best Day") and said it reminded her of us
4. She can't wait for "E and S" to get married
3. She goes through my clothes and tells me what is still in fashion
2. She has the cutest laugh
1. She knows that she's a daughter of God and that great things are in store for her


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