Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Terrific Teen....

Well...I can hardly believe it, but my baby is turning 13! In honor of her 13th birthday, here are 13 of the things I adore about her:
13. I love it when she laughs so hard that she can't finish her sentence.
12. I loved it when she and "P" used to play "babies" and for some funny reason, they called each other "Biddia".
11. I love that when she is REALLY sad, she wants to be with "P".
10. I love that she writes to "R" every week and tells him everything she's doing.
9. I love that she thinks she's part of the Griffiths family. :)
8. I love that she makes lists and leaves them around the house.
7. I love that she wanted a dog for at least 5 years and she never quit asking for one.
6. I love that one of her BBF's is her cousin and they call each other every week.
5. I love that she loves to make cookies.
4. I love that she always encourages the "underdog".
3. I love that she puts together great FHE lessons.
2. I love that she leaves notes for everybody in the family.
1. I love that she tries so hard to follow Jesus and be a good example.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your list of 13 things! MY DD is 12 and turning 13 FAST.. I totally want to steal your idea! thanks :)

    And thanks for sharing your link love on the little things blog!!

    Carissa from @memorymixer

  2. Great LO....LOVE the 13 things!!!

    Also, L-O-V-E the look of your blog...wish I knew what I was doing so mine would be a place I'd be proud to link to....

    I followed your link from Memory Mixer, The Little Things...LOVE Memory Mixer!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Bridge. Thanks for being a great friend and example to Brenna. We love you!