Friday, January 8, 2010

Love Is In The Air....

For us it all started when we met "E" on our trip to Utah over Thanksgiving...of course, for "S" it started long before that (I'll let him tell his own story). We had lunch together at a Chili's and right from the start we were all smitten. She is adorable and absolutely perfect for "S". The girls were so giddy over her that we actually had to remind them to "cool it". We enjoyed being together over several different occasions over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Then came Christmas and "S" came home for 2 weeks. "E" came down about a week after he did. One rainy day, we went to the beach. "S" was very calm as he collected boogie boards, towels, swimming suits, etc. which were all just props for what was about to come. He had even asked "B" to be the "official" photographer. It was a pretty exciting moment for all of us, but especially for "S" and "E". I think the pictures say it all....


  1. sooo fun. and yes "e" is so sweet. it is fun having a whole new generation of married bittons and halls to hang out :]

  2. How wonderful for your family! You must be so excited!