Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Plans....

The planning of the wedding has begun. "P" and "B" are excited out of their minds because "E" called and asked them to be bridemaids. "S" and "E" seem to be very on top of all the Utah details, so I'm focusing on the openhouse here. While it may seem a tad early, I'm praying for good weather. I have in my head exactly what I want and what I don't, but I have to remember that it's really just a celebration of these two amazing individuals and the beginning of their life together. Nobody will ever remember the number of lights, how many tables there were and if the flowers were perfect; even I won't remember that in a few years. I just want this to be a great celebration with all our friends and loved ones - that's the bottom line. "P" is planning a surprise at the openhouse and I'm so excited about it; if we can pull it off the way I'm imagining it, it will be a highlight. I also hear there may be a suprise at the Utah reception: hint - "Fab 5".
Last night we had a funny moment when Mark started referring to "S" and "E" as "Shemily". Look out "Brangel1na", "TomKat" and "Bennifer" - there's a new couple in town...

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  1. Haha I love their new name. We are now referred to as "Toddica". We can't wait till the big day!