Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past

I'm well aware that it's not even close to Christmas yet; however, I was looking for some pictures and happened across these "Santa" pictures and figured why not humiliate myself and best yet humiliate my sisters in the process. Yep, me and three of my little sisters all posing with the jolly old guy.
My mom tells a story about being in the store doing some shopping and not even realizing that three of us had disappeared - until the Santa picture arrived in the mail! (Notice how pretty we all looked? I'm thinking it was the end of the day and poor, rattled Mom thought she'd dash into the store for something quickly, not realizing that her three unkept rugrats would immortalize the experience with a picture! Sorry Mom.)
I have to admit...I'm already excited for Christmas!

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  1. aww who doesn't love a good santa pic! It's fun to see them!