Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Fun...Where Do I Begin?

Our summer was so much fun, but a complete whirlwind! On July 2nd, "S" and "E" drove down with cousin "Cookie" for "P" and "B's" annual dance recital. We had so much fun with them! The girls did an amazing job in their recital and we're already looking forward to seeing their progress in next year's recital. I am especiall excited because both girls will be taking Hip Hop AND Ballet.
We were so happy that "S" and "E" were here for the 4th of July. A few years ago, after we moved into this house, we quit trying to fight the crowds at the park on the 4th and we found we had a KILLER view of the fireworks in the parking lot of one of our local stores. Ta da - a new tradition was born and now we go there every year, see the awesome fireworks and still beat the crowds home.
Several days later, our two Utah kids had to make their way home and they took an excited "P" with them and left "Cookie" to hang with "B" for some summer fun. "P" had the time of her life in Provo and it will no doubt be some of her favorite memories.
As for "Cookie" and "B", they had many beach days and a few excursions throughout San Diego - one to the newly renovated Mormon Battalion - it's beautiful and well worth the trip.
Is this the end of our summer fun? Not even close - in fact, the fun is just beginning. Stay tuned for more summer fun....Hall-a-mania style.

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