Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Fun - Part III

One day that was tons of fun involved us crashing the Farmington Youth's Waterskiing trip to Pineview. It was such a beautiful day and while the girls had an amazing time in the water (and checking out adorable boys), Krista and I had an amazing time soaking up some sun. At least Krista helped - I did nothing. But they put up with me anyway. It was a great day. Good company, good fun= great life.

It is a rare luxury for me to hang out with my mom. She is the ultimate go-getter and game for almost anything - including helping at The British Car Show at a local park AND (most importantly) cutting down a "historical" (and dead) branch from her apricot tree. Man, she did NOT want to lose that branch. It's a branch that my sister's and I hung from and sat on all through our childhood. It's featured on a Christmas card. Sometime when I really feel like incriminating myself, maybe I'll post the picture. Anyway, now all that's left of the branch is this great picture of my mom clinging to it. Maybe she'd feel better if I put this on a t-shirt for her. Love you, Mom!

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