Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What A Weekend!

This weekend had to go down in my book as a favorite! When I got home Friday morning from working out, whose car did I see in the driveway - "S" and "E"! I couldn't have been more excited..in fact, I think my exact words were "NO WAY" for at least the first five minutes. I knew they were coming, but I thought it would be early evening. I was so excited that I ALMOST forgive them for driving through the night! We had a great day together catching up and hanging out together. They also brought a little "bonus" with them - cousin "B"! Our "B" has been waiting for months for the two of them to get together and now the dream had come true.
Saturday found "P" and "B" spending the entire day getting ready for their dance recital "Born To Fly". Mark, "S", "E" and "B" hit the beach and by the time we met them for an early dinner they looked like lobsters - ouch! After dinner (which we ate in the parking lot because of parking space at the diner - but it added to the fun, so it only added to the experience), we went to the much anticipated dance recital. The girls did an amazing job and had a lot of fun doing it.
Sunday was July 4th so we celebrated by meeting a bunch of friends at our favorite spot for fireworks - the Albertson's parking lot! There was tons of fun, food and I think they may have even been a game of Phase Ten to keep Dad happy. It was really nice hanging out all together.
Monday we got a dose of reality when "S" and "E" headed back to Utah - they even took "P" for a fun little get-away of her own. We missed them before they even made it to the bottom of the driveway. Happily for us, the Bittons invited us to drown our sorrows (okay, that may be a tad dramatic) by riding jet-skis and going boating with them at the beach. It was cloudy outside, but man oh man did we have a blast. If you want a BIG laugh, ask "B" about a dunk that she and Sister Bitton took on the jet-ski. Heehee. We even attempted to find some dolphins, but the weather was getting pretty wild and we didn't want to make our own version of "The Perfect Storm" so we headed back to the harbor. It was such a fun day - thanks, Grace, VJ and Dylan for such a great time!
It was a weekend that we had been looking forward to for some time and it sure didn't disappoint us.
Oh and by the way - Happy Birthday, America!

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  1. I found your blog on S and E's page ;) Your family is so cute!! Glad you had such a great 4th of July!