Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy 24th Birthday "S"!

I remember so clearly the day "S" was born; it was undoubtedly one of the happiest days of my life. Since we had almost 4 years together before "R" was born, we had what I think was some great mommy-"S" time. Almost every day, we would do something fun - go to the park, meet friends for a playdate, go to the museum, feed the ducks, or one of our all-time favorites take a picnic lunch and eat it on the grass at the Torrance Airport while we watched the planes fly over us and land on the runway (that is, until we got busted and they told us we couldn't do it anymore)!
Here are 24 things that I love about him:
24. He used to get everybody all stirred up and then say, "Family, family. What is wrong with us? Let's have some love at home!"
23. He and "R" played tram-ball almost everyday and nearly every day "R" would come in crying because "S" had cheated so he could win.
22. He NEVER made his bed when he lived at home...I think he got better on his mission (but I might be kidding myself)
21. He used to love watching The O.C.
20. He had this blue pair of shorts that I HATED because they used to sag and when he left to go on his mission, he left them in the car and I ended up keeping them because them reminded me so much of him.
19. He has always had a knack for making people feel comfortable
18. He read every "Goosebumps" book he could find.
17. He isn't a picky eater - except he doesn't love spaghetti
16. He has an amazing work ethic - in school and work
15. Even when I'm irritated, he can make me laugh
14. He LOVES to tease his sisters
13. He has scared himself watching scarey movies
12. He and his Dad can talk for hours
11. He is the best big brother there is
10. For many years he thought he was going to marry Kelly Clarkson
9. When he loves what we're having for dinner, he always says "Oh y-e-a-h!"
8. I love how he calls home for no particular reason
7. He is extraordinarily loyal
6. He loves is family and adores his new wife!!
5. We have a lot of "injury" stories and most of them involve him
4. Since he was a "first child" he wore a lot of really goofy Halloween costumes and never complained about them
3. He is very, very kind
2. He can look at his best friends, make eye contact and nod his head and they completely understand each other
1. He was the perfect way to begin our family
Happy 24th Birthday, "S"! You are as wonderful as they come and we love you to pieces.


  1. Thanks, Mom! Love u!!... and I'm pretty sure I've never scared myself watching scary movies...

  2. This is so cute, Mom!! For the record, you're dead on about the scary movies. Last two examples: We watched Lovely Bones on our honeymoon and had to turn on ESPN because we were so scared. Then a few days later he watched The Fourth Kind with his dad and came to bed terrified... Let's not kid ourselves Sean. Sure love ya! ;)

  3. Heehee...that makes me totally laugh. Sure love you both!! Hope your day was happy.