Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm usually an early-bird, but I have to admit that today I had to throw myself out of bed. I stayed up late thinking about a family who used to live in our ward and I could not turn off my brain!

Thank heavens for a group of girls who have started exercising together in the wee-hours of the morning; we talk about each other's lives and solve all the world's problems. Okay, that might be a little be of an exaggeration, but I always find their insight amazing. Remember that great character that Mike Myers played on Saturday Night Live - the lady with the beehive hairdo - and he would say, "Let me give you a topic" and then he'd name something completely absurd.. and then say, "Discuss" well, that's me with my friends. They can discuss anything and always give me the most amazing insight.

I got home and got "P" and "B" off to school and then settled down to work on some YW things and then made a post office run to mail something for "R". He hasn't said anything about the package I mailed last week, but I'm thinking that he probably got it right after he wrote us. It was one of those days when I did a bunch of stuff, but you can't tell just by looking around. I hope I'm more on top of my game tomorrow.

I also made an icky dinner. I won't go into it, but I owe my family a big huge apology. Let's just say, I won't even save it for leftovers.

I better get with it tomorrow.....

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