Friday, August 10, 2012

Outfit Of The Week......Week 1

In our house, we LOVE Jeff and Jer of STAR 96.5; we listen to them religiously and look forward to their humor and optimistic view of the world.  We love their side-kicks too....Laura, Randy and Little Tommy.  One of the things we always look foward to is Laura's $72.00 outfit of the week. 

However, recently "P", "B" and I were talking about how $72.00 isn't really a practical amount to spend for anybody who doesn't have a high school and college students.  So, we decided to do something fun for this last month of summer....get ready for it.....

We decided we could put together a cute outfit for $25.00 a week.  Yes, it's true - we're sure we can do it.  So, for the next four weeks every Friday, we're going to post our own $25.00 outfit of the week.  We'll tell you exactly how much we spend; even if we go over our allotted $25.00, we'll swallow our pride and tell the gospel truth. And if we happen to have accessories from home, we'll tell that too....

Sound legit??  Okay....

"P" is going to be our first model. 
Okay, this cute summer dress came from Forever 21.  If you don't already know, they're having a killer sale right now - buy one get one free.  This dress was $10.00.  (We also got a skirt that technically was free.  You might be seeing that one of these days.)  See the adorable black shoes - well, they were on sale at a little specialty shop for....$2.00!!!!!  Yes, it's true.  They add the perfect "sass" to this outfit....and almost every other outfit I can think of.  I'm a fan of these shoes.
Here's a close up of them so you can see how truly fun they are. 
Okay, she already had the black belt - but if she didn't, I saw one just like it recently for $5.00 at Forever 21.  The necklace she borrowed from yours truly (what are mother's for) and she had the earrings as well.  If you don't already have earrings to go with it, Forever 21 sells fabulous earrings for around $4.50-$5.00. 

The grand purchase price of this outfit was $12.00!!! Whoot, whoot....but even if you bought a new belt and earrings and added them into the price you're still at $22.00.  Yay!  I love a great bargain...but remember: it's only a bargain if it doesn't look like a bargain!!

That's it for this week, love cats.  Have a nice, cool weekend!!

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  1. I love this!!! Please start posting more because they are SO fun to see. It really makes me wish I was there shopping with you, and VERY sad that I will be missing this year's after Christmas shopping. I love you all!!