Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Swim Fan.....and my picture of the day....

I have to admit that I never fully appreciated swimming. Maybe because my idea of swimming has always included me flailing around in the water, but after attending numerous swim meets this year I have decided there is a real grace and art to swimming. I LOVE watching truly talented swimmers as they take their mark and at the appointed time, launch themselves into the air - back arched, toes pointed...without intending to sound overly dramatic, it's really breathtaking. Today as I sat in the burning hot sun, I couldn't even make myself move to a spot in the shade because I'd lose my prime spot and the opportunity to see these gifted kids glide at record speed as though they were on top of the water.

I was very proud of my little "B"; both her relay teams took first and the one particular event that she was DREADING completing in and was sure she was the worst person in the whole, entire world to participate in this race...she individually took 3rd. She was neck and neck with the 2nd place swimmer until the bitter end. Way to go, my little polly wog!

I know swimming takes an extraordinary amount of effort and some of the team members (who shall remain nameless) will be thrilled when the season is over, but I for one am loving it! By the way, my picture of the day is this lady who has to be close to my age and is still proclaiming her love for Edward Cullen via umbrella. :) Gotta love it!

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