Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5, 2010-What I Learned At The Timmy Concert

When my friend Julie asked me to be her #3 choice in line to go to the Timmy concert, I really didn't think my chances were very good but luck for me #1 and #2 bailed on her - and from the bottom of my heart I thank those people!
It was such an amazing concert - I actually feel myself getting a little giddy just thinking about it. We had fantastic seats where Timmy would have had a perfect view of me if it wasn't for the woman in front of me who had the biggest hair on the planet. He sang my two favorite songs back-to-back...I'm pretty sure he did that just for me (maybe to make up for the big hair blocking some of my view).
I did have some major epiphanies at the concert:
*My hair was definitely NOT big enough to attend a Timmy concert
*Julie and I were the only two sober people there
*Drinking and immodest outfits do not go together (I am not speaking about Julie or myself!)
*You should always eat before you go or run the risk of eating a really scary hot dog
*A true Timmy lover will act ridiculous at the sight of Timmy no matter her age (I may be speaking about myself)
*If you know all the words to Timmy's songs you need to get another hobby
*You have serious "Timmy issues" if you go to his concert and then listen to his CD all the way home
*I am not the only Timmy fan in San Diego who would drive to kingdom-come to see him in person
It was an AMAZING evening and one I'll never forget. Thanks Julie!

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