Monday, August 31, 2009

And Then There Were Two.....

Well, we're back to two at home - our numbers have once again dwindled. It was a wonderful summer having everybody here for a short period of time and then having "S" stay the entire summer. Mark took him back to school last week and they turned the trip into a Father/Son fishing trip. They had an amazing time and ended up catching over 60 fish. Mark is really the ultimate fisherman.

The girls and I had a completely different kind of week. It was the total opposite of a camping/fisherman trip. We had "girls week" and we did everything girlie - think "What Not To Wear" meets "Gilmore Girls". It was FUN. On Friday, we ended up in Fallbrook going to the Hot Summer Nights on Mainstreet and their Chili Cook-off. Now, the irony that they're having a Chili Cook-off on the hottest night of the year was not lost on us, but it was a fun night anyway.
Saturday was "fantasy day" and involved each girl choosing something around town that was her "fantasy". They had to be simple, not based on money and we had to be able to fit them into an afternoon. I was impressed with how creative these girls were when it came to choosing something that they thought was "fun". This was probably my favorite time of the whole week.
If you look at the pictures at the top, you'll probably get a pretty good idea about one of the fantasies! It might have come to be a reality if I hadn't almost choked when I saw the price tag. :)

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